Thursday, February 07, 2008


Long time. I've been working on another project and have been so busy with that, that I haven't gotten to post here at all!

I put a site in my leg for the very first time tonight! If you haven't tried it, I have no complaints so far. I'm pretty much betting that I'll rip it out very very soon... but I'm hopeful.

I had an endo appt recently and it went much better than my last few visits with her. She was pleasant and I didn't feel like a failure or disappointment. I'm even considering weight watchers like she suggests EVERY appointment! Does anyone have experience with the online program?!
My A1C went down from 8 to 7.8 or was it 7.6... I think it was 7.6...7.8 was my guess before my appt. Anywho, the logs I showed her were HORRIBLE, but due to her illness my appt was bumped back two days, so I was able to correct the issues and go into the appt with some better numbers. She suggested I print my logs every two weeks in order to see these issues and be able to motivate myself to get back on track. I think that's exactly what I need.