Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Want to win a free Ipod Shuffle?

I know, it's been forever since I've been here. No apologies though; It is what it is.

BUT I did want to promote a website and an opportunity to win a free IPOD shuffle.

Here's the link: http://technewsmadesimple.com/2009/04/02/ipod-shuffles-promotion/

The promotion ends April 15th -- Tomorrow.

So, go take the short survey and then get back to doing your taxes!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was reading another d-blog and actually clicked on the link to my blog to see if I still existed in on the internet and I do.

Things have been entirely too stressful. Work, diabetes crap, work, did I mention work?!

The exciting diabetes news (I'm not ready to share the bad) is that I got my One Touch Ultra Link. I love it. The only two things I'd change would be to make it smaller... it's pouch is the size of a small purse. I went to the cosmetic aisle at target and bought a small make up bag to store it in instead of that huge black pouch.

And, I wish there were an option from the meter to tell the pump to bolus. Like a remote option. That would be sweet. I like that there's one less step to get my blood sugar in for a bolus though.

I'm off again... as if anyone reads this, but oh well. I don't blame ya, nothing new ever happens here!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mel needs...

You have probably seen others who have googled "[their name] needs" and reported the results. Here are mine... (I had to ignore a few that refered to Mel Gibson in particular; who knew, the man needs help!)

Mel needs help.
Sure... if you can cook, clean, and pay my bills. wonderful!

Mel needs to handle the sales end while some one else runs the company.
um, ok. no thanks?

Mel needs to relax.
Amen! However, I need to get a ton of stuff done too (see above--Mel needs help)

Mel needs to focus on herself and heal.
Probably not extremely relevant currently as I'm not sick.

Mel needs to learn from Martha.
I don't know any Marthas except for the Biblical Martha, but she was kind of the negative example in the story, so maybe not so much.

Mel needs a blog.
Have one, thanks.

Mel needs a laptop computer.
Again, have one, but if someone's giving away a new mac laptop, that's be amazing.

Mel needs to sit the ---- down and shut the hell up.
ouch. Don't really know how to respond to that!

Mel needs your prayers.
Certainly wouldn't hurt at this point--ridiculous early morning blood sugars and stressful life right now!

Mel needs an English class.
Well, I don't think so, but I'd love to learn Spanish. Close, I guess.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

6 word meme

I was tagged by Lili for the 6 word memoir.

I'm just getting around to it now. I really had no idea what to say.

Here are my 6 words:

Much I know; But don't wanna.


I've been having a rough week. Haven't been feeling well and am feeling a little stressed.
Tuesday's dinner was going to be an english muffin from Dunkin' Donuts. As I pulled up to the drive thru it struck me a little differently--I know how many carbs are in an english muffin. I don't want to. I wish I didn't.

Tonight it occurred to me that I don't want to know about pumps and infusion sets as I changed mine.
Many of us in the OC have complained about the ignorance of diabetes and especially type 1 that we encounter in others. I have a confession to make: I wish I were one of the ignorant people pissing you all off with my questions and wrong assumptions.

I suppose this phase will pass soon enough. Perhaps after a good night's sleep--or a couple of nights. I can only hope.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

silence and my trip

Well, there's been a silence over here. I was posting quite a bit, but then I was sidetracked by a project and an upcoming trip. I leave today for Honduras for a week. I'm a bit more nervous about the diabetes element of this trip than any of the other places that I've been, so wish me luck. If you'd like to know more about the trip, you can see the other project I was working on here.

Happy St. Patty's Day! (I'll be far away at that point and missing the corned beef dinner I love so much. However, I did suggest we have corned beef for Easter when I return and was told that wasn't an option! We'll be having a clam boil--so much more traditional!)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Long time. I've been working on another project and have been so busy with that, that I haven't gotten to post here at all!

I put a site in my leg for the very first time tonight! If you haven't tried it, I have no complaints so far. I'm pretty much betting that I'll rip it out very very soon... but I'm hopeful.

I had an endo appt recently and it went much better than my last few visits with her. She was pleasant and I didn't feel like a failure or disappointment. I'm even considering weight watchers like she suggests EVERY appointment! Does anyone have experience with the online program?!
My A1C went down from 8 to 7.8 or was it 7.6... I think it was 7.6...7.8 was my guess before my appt. Anywho, the logs I showed her were HORRIBLE, but due to her illness my appt was bumped back two days, so I was able to correct the issues and go into the appt with some better numbers. She suggested I print my logs every two weeks in order to see these issues and be able to motivate myself to get back on track. I think that's exactly what I need.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lows and Basal Testing

Doing things "one day at a time" is not just about losing weight, but about overall health and accomplishing things that I've just put aside in life.

I've done fairly well to be disciplined and not eat after 8pm, BUT like all things I've been thrown some curves. Namely, A TON OF LOWS. I went through my meter's history and 16 out of my last 50 readings were under 90. I woke up last night at 2 am with a reading of 37! The night before 40. And the night before that 3 readings in the 60s before my head even hit the pillow. OH and I'm sitting here sipping a half glass of OJ because I'm clocking in at 91 after 2 hours of volleyball and my track record doesn't exactly indicate that I'm going to hold steady!

This all means that, while I've not eaten between 8pm and bedtime (most nights), I've been eating sometime between midnight and 7am most mornings!! One seems to negate the other, no? So, this week I'm aiming to get in two overnight basal tests. Tomorrow night (Wed) and hopefully Friday or Saturday night. Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm exercising after dinner, so it's really hard to gauge and I think I can only take one night of up every hour and still make it to work on time! Hopefully, since I'll still be keeping up with the absence of food after 8pm, having my basals in order will make it a little more fruitful!

I really hope I can wake up to each alarm tomorrow night... getting half way through the night and having to do it again just isn't going to work for me!!

How often do you do basal tests?