Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mel needs...

You have probably seen others who have googled "[their name] needs" and reported the results. Here are mine... (I had to ignore a few that refered to Mel Gibson in particular; who knew, the man needs help!)

Mel needs help.
Sure... if you can cook, clean, and pay my bills. wonderful!

Mel needs to handle the sales end while some one else runs the company.
um, ok. no thanks?

Mel needs to relax.
Amen! However, I need to get a ton of stuff done too (see above--Mel needs help)

Mel needs to focus on herself and heal.
Probably not extremely relevant currently as I'm not sick.

Mel needs to learn from Martha.
I don't know any Marthas except for the Biblical Martha, but she was kind of the negative example in the story, so maybe not so much.

Mel needs a blog.
Have one, thanks.

Mel needs a laptop computer.
Again, have one, but if someone's giving away a new mac laptop, that's be amazing.

Mel needs to sit the ---- down and shut the hell up.
ouch. Don't really know how to respond to that!

Mel needs your prayers.
Certainly wouldn't hurt at this point--ridiculous early morning blood sugars and stressful life right now!

Mel needs an English class.
Well, I don't think so, but I'd love to learn Spanish. Close, I guess.


Anonymous said...

depending on your full name try Melanie, Melissa,etc...
you'll get different answers
-a random Melanie

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