Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was reading another d-blog and actually clicked on the link to my blog to see if I still existed in on the internet and I do.

Things have been entirely too stressful. Work, diabetes crap, work, did I mention work?!

The exciting diabetes news (I'm not ready to share the bad) is that I got my One Touch Ultra Link. I love it. The only two things I'd change would be to make it smaller... it's pouch is the size of a small purse. I went to the cosmetic aisle at target and bought a small make up bag to store it in instead of that huge black pouch.

And, I wish there were an option from the meter to tell the pump to bolus. Like a remote option. That would be sweet. I like that there's one less step to get my blood sugar in for a bolus though.

I'm off again... as if anyone reads this, but oh well. I don't blame ya, nothing new ever happens here!