Thursday, July 27, 2006

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I spoke with Minimed--I'm over it. According to the nice lady I spoke to a recertified pump is essentially a used pump that is brand new--they just can't call it new because it's used, but all the parts are new, but it's used. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around this, but she assured me that there are no built in time-bombs just waiting to break within my "new" recertified pump. I'm holding her to that :)

So, I'm slow. I don't share a lot. This is pretty good though, two posts in about a week's time and that's without any visitors! ha.

I think my basals are slightly skewed--perhaps the doctor's office really didn't have the most up-to-date rates. Somewhere between 4 and 6 am, I jump up to the mid-200s. Tonight is a basal check night, because even mid 200s wake me up. If there's one thing I can't stand it's waking up 20 mins before the alarm goes off! Wish me luck. I just have to wake up... once I'm up... who am I kidding. I am hoping for the best though. There's plenty of motivation in the thought of many sleep-filled evenings.

If anyone is reading this, I'll try to share a little bit about who I am outside of the world of Diabetes, although I'm in that world so very often.
(1) I'm a habitual proofreader--I find typos in books, overheads, my coworkers' writings, etc. I don't try to look, I'm just a little uptight about the whole thing. You will notice, however, that when writing blogs and such, I am not a stickler about my own punctuation and I fluctuate as to the importance of capitalization. Spelling is what bothers me beyond anything else, so if you see a spelling error, go ahead and correct it... it'll irk me that I've spelled it wrong (or typed it wrong), but it's a humbling experience.
(2) I'm a dog person, who fell in love with a cat. Her name was/is Gus. Although, since having to give her away to, I'm not so sure Gus is still her name. See, I wasn't a cat person, so she technically got her name before I bothered to find out that he was a she. My dog, lives with my mother. Charlie is a 14 year old toy poodle, who looks more like a bichon than a poodle, poor thing. He has the manners of a mutt too, but it's endearing, really.


Minnesota Nice said...

I too am a new blogger but already have a sense that I'm part of the group and it feels great!

mobilemob said...
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Kerri. said...

As a cat person who fell in love with a Yankees fan (this isn't exactly related but there is a story here), I welcome you to the blogosphere! I'll add you to my Six Until Me blogroll today. :)

Best of luck with your new/used pump (certified, like a pre-owned Honda?) and be sure to write about any questions you may have. The online community is a wealth of information and might have just the answers you're looking for.

-- Kerri.

(Re: my earlier cat/Yankees mention, my boyfriend is a Yankees fan. And not much of a cat person. I, however, am a rabid Red Sox fan and the proud owner of two ridiculous cats. We met, fell in love, and now we have a hybrid household filled with cats and competing sportsware. :)

George said...

Hey there Mel! I will add a link to your blog on mine also. Welcome to blogland. I will do my best to spell correctly so my blog won't drive you nuts! :)

Welcome to the OC!

mel said...


I never was a cat fan until I fell in love with Gus. And I give you credit for falling in love with a Yankees fan. You're a lot more accepting than I am! ;)

Thanks George! (I caught a typo in my first post on this BLOG! But I am choosing to not fix it. This is huge!)