Friday, November 24, 2006

.black friday.

I've left the house three times do laundry. No full contact shopping for me! It was so much easier to dial dell and order over the phone (Thanks Dad!--cashing in on my bday and Christmas combined present, right smack dab in the middle of the two "holidays"). A big "Way to Go" goes out to Phillip over at Dell. Not only is he working today (how quickly I forget what it's like to be in retail), but he also had the misfortune of meeting me via phone this morning. He really was exceptional though; checked all my prices and processed my super-duper 20% off coupon code (Thank you Internet!) AND he didn't seem annoyed at all. :)

I have a bigger task today, however. I need to pack. I'm a last minute person by nature, but I have a special, "oh poop, this is the time!" talent. It's that minute when I need to start the task at hand or else it won't be finished. I have yet to reach that point. I want to be at that point, really, I do. Just like I tried to write those three 15-20 page papers ahead of time in college, but I couldn't, so I wrote 2 one night and the third the other night. Yep, I am a procrastinator and I am good at it. I'm down to 4.5 hours to pack, hit Walmart for any needed "stuff" and get to the movies--Anyone seen Happy Feet yet?--for 7pm. I did have the presence of mind to find my doctor's note for traveling ahead of time. I'm sure there aren't many people willing to write me a note today!

So, NaBloPomo... is gonna be a stretch these next few days, as it won't be my priority. The intention for this exercise was not to wow you with my prose or to win prizes (although, I wouldn't mind), but was more for the self-discipline exercise, so I feel as though I've accomplished the goal with or without a full month's worth of posts.

North Carolina here I come! oh, right, once I've packed... hmmph!

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