Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Tomorrow is D-blog day, so it won't be PhotoThursday here. Instead, it's PhotoWednesday! I'm never usually early for anything. Hopefully I can shake the tiredness and sniffles and organize my thoughts on what to write (I really truly have an idea. Getting onto paper, um, the screen is a different story!)

Diabetes-wise, my numbers are all over. I will start logging again on Monday. I took a short break following my doctor's appt. I think it's time to get motivated by seeing what I'm doing on paper again. Being sick so frequently and the eating habits are not helping anything! Although, I'm cooking at home more, but the plain potato chips are just calling my name! Onto photos...

The following three photos I took this past weekend and were really my three favorites. Especially now that I've gone and doctored them to my liking :)

my nephew

the moon

my friend, matt

I hope you enjoyed.

And if you're a sketchy person looking to steal my photos, please get your own :) (If anyone knows a quick and easy way to lock out right-clicking and saving, I'd be thrilled to know!)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Mel,

Great pics. I don't know how to prevent the right click thing...

I too struggle with getting an idea from my head onto the screen. But, I also think that is one of the reasons that blogging is so therapeutic for me, that I have to kind of flesh these ideas out and explore them a bit.

AmyT said...

Nice pics. Happy D-Blog day, indeed!