Monday, November 06, 2006

worthwhile research?

Came across this news article just about 30 seconds ago. Sounds like a middle school science fair experiment to me, but apparently some Dutch scientists thought it was worth researching. It does slightly irk me that we still have no cure for cancer, AIDS, the common cold, and oh, say, diabetes. However, we can all rest easier knowing that if we're without duct tape, good ol' wart removing corn pads will work just as well and without the risk of rash. (Am I even lamer for having read the article?!)

In other news, it seems that everyone is having a baby! I know of at least 3 babies that were born in October. (one is my nephew!) My cousin adopted a little boy who had just been born in October. Two coworkers are expecting grandchildren in the next 2 weeks. I just received an email from two friends in college who have been married just over a year and are now pregnant and due in June! Seems like everyone to me ;)

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