Sunday, December 17, 2006

I've mislead you...

Oh boy. I've gone and mislead you all into thinking 131 represented a blood sugar. Oh no, the other numbers were the blood sugars lately. The 131 was another number and while as a blood sugar it doesn't thrill me as much as a good ol' 100 will, I'd take a million 131s over the crap I've been seeing lately.

It's just over the number of carbs I had while indulging on Papa John's Amazing Spinach Alfredo Pizza and Parmesan Bread Sticks.

But it's the exact number of units of insulin that I took in one 24 hour period of time. Yes, the same day that I ate the PJ's ASAP and PBS. Also the same day I experienced and obvious pump tubing kink or something of the sort resulting in some wonderfully lovely ketones accompanied by high blood sugars. And sure, I don't blame myself for the pump kink aspect here, but everything else about that number was under my control and if I'm going to be really honest--the pump kink didn't account for the 50 units of insulin that I would like to have seen not be a part of my day.

As you may have inferred from this information, I am not the most sensitive to insulin. As matter of fact, I believe that I am about as resistant as anyone I've ever heard of.

Something MUST be DONE!!!


In Search Of Balance said...

Well, it's not good news that your pump was not delivering, but it's very good news that you're not beating yourself up over 131! And yes, days like that are awful. I hope tomorrow treats you better. :)

MileMasterSarah said...

I’ve had days where my TDD approaches ridiculous. Fortunately, it isn’t every day!

type1emt said...

Have you tried oral(type 2) meds? that might cut down on the resistance some.(dunno if you want to go that route but it helps some people)