Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 12

Today is day 12 of sickness. A week ago today I didn't think I was sick anymore, but every other day, sickness has been verified with symptoms. At first is was just the onset of a cold. By day 6, I was nauseous and was sure I was going to vomit. Day 7 brought back the cold and away went the nausea. Today, day 12, ushered in the sore throat.

I think what has happened these past 12 days, is that I've gotten a little bit of everyone else's sicknesses. My body refuses to commit to just one illness!

I've taken sudafed, dayquil, nyquil, advil, and a sinus/allergy med, throughout. Trying different meds at different stages. Tonights med of choice: Sugar-free robittusin with codeine.

Bring it on.


Bernard said...

Yuk, Mel

That's sounds like a really long drag. I'm sure you've tried the lots of fluids, chicken soup, etc., etc.

I hope you start to feel better soon - those long illnesses can really take a lot out of you.

Hey my captcha phrase is 'hadpigs', how about that one!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Ahhh Mel I am sorry the sick days have gootten glued to yah.... It has to be over soon!

Molly said...

So sorry about your lingering, pesky illness.
thanks for commenting on my site about the quick serter. I figured out how to press it down to lock it. (I feel like a dummy right about now..)
You saved me! Thanks!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage!

Hope you get over it soon!

PumpLover said...

sry i responded to your comment on my blog and forgot to say to get better! oh yeah and if you need food you know who to call haha yeahh ... oh yeah we need to join the gym!