Monday, August 20, 2007


Some rollercoasters are a ton of fun like this one, Superman--the ride of steel--at Six Flags New England. That's where I was on Saturday; although not on Superman, since it is/was closed for whatever reason (major bummer!). However, there's also the blood sugar rollercoaster that I was riding and NOT at all enjoying!!

The day started out fine. I entered the park at a cool in range number that is so typical that I didn't commit it to memory. Fast forward four hours or so. A little bit after lunch; blood sugar: 173. I corrected and added an additional 1 and a half units to cover 2 hrs of bolus. This was an unscientific whim that I took to prevent a high while spending 2 hours at the waterpark. Did it work?

Negative. Blood sugar post waterpark: 275. 1 hour after correction: 274

The rest of the evening includes dinner, more rides, plenty of walking and more unmemorable blood sugars. An on the road check at midnight clocks me in at 113. A 1am check before bed: 67. Treat the low with glucose tabs and off to bed. 3:50 am: 45 (a frequent number for my bad lows, I guess.) 15 minutes later: 51 Another 15 minutes: 68

On the list of things I ate/drank to treat the low so I could just get back to sleep!:
3 packages of fruit snacks, 3/4 a can of regular sprite, 2 glucose tabs, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. That's what I remember anyway. Since the first 15 min check did not give me much hope, I ate more than I "needed" and then didn't bolus for any of it and went back to sleep after the 68 reading (close enough to 70 I think; Plus my stomach hurt from the snacks!)

6am blood sugar: 157 (what!? I was honestly expecting a much higher number and thought to myself, "perhaps I was going to go SO LOW that all those snacks were needed.")

This was not so. 9am blood sugar: 369 (Yeah, I felt it. It sucked.)

Not all rollercoasters are fun. I'd like to stick to the amusement park thrill rides, but sometimes I just don't know that I have any control over the situation.

I also learn from this. I seem to only overtreat at night. I think I'm so anxious to just get back to sleep that I rush the process and then feel like I'm not getting better and continue to treat. During the day I'm a lot more rational and only want the one juice or 4 tabs (I don't enjoy them enough to eat more than that!)

Overall rating on the day-

Great day for the park
Bad day for Diabetes


caramaena said...

Ugh, those numbers sound awful. Hope things have settled for you now.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm notorious for over treating at night too.

Seems I lose all rational thought process and eat everything I can see.