Thursday, November 01, 2007


I'm not sure if it's the low blood sugar or the fact that this is my first post since Sept. 12th, but I had trouble logging in. :) Honestly, it's been a while and I wasn't going to post tonight, but I am sharing my low blood sugar story.

First, I wish I had some one who understood handy for lows. I felt particularly blindsided and crappy all at once from this low. As I pull a strip from the vial, I ask my dad, "Dad, do we have juice in the fridge?" (I'm used to treating with glucose tabs, although I dislike them). He responded that we did in fact have juice, but didn't get up to get me any or even ask. Sometimes it'd just be nice to have some one ask. That's all.

I went to the fridge on my own to get the juice and pull out the bottle in the front. Oh, look at that, the purchase of this juice helps find a cure for diabetes through JDRF. Wonderful. I'll just poor me a glass. But wait, 75% less sugar. Uh oh. The irony isn't lost on me though. That bottle of juice can help cure diabetes, but didn't do a whole lot for treating my low :) Thankfully, hiding behind it was a perfectly sugary bottle of apple juice.


Bernard said...

Hey Mel

Sorry to hear about your low. But it's good if it encouraged you to blog again.

I'll bet if you explained to your Dad that you needed help he'd do it for you. I'm finally understanding that my wife reads my mind about the same amount whether I'm low or at a normal level. But if I say I'm low and ask her to get juice for me, she'll always do that.

Anyway, take care of yourself. Maybe we'll see you in Woburn on November 10th?

Penny said...

Nice to see you posting agian. Sorry it took a low to bring you back to the blogasphere though.