Tuesday, November 27, 2007

post number eighty

I changed my site today; 5pm to be exact.

Site just ripped out; 6 hours later.

Hurt a lot. Bled some.

I'm not cool with putting another site in.

I miss NPH and syringes.

I'm temped to call my doctor and switch. She'd probably kill me and not know what to do. I've never been on anything but the pump with her and as far as I know I have an allergy to Lantus.

Maybe I should try Levemir.

I really don't care to be thinking about these things. I want to go to bed without another poke in the @$$. I'm afraid of it hurting; of it bleeding; of it coming out again. Two years and two months is a long time to stick with something.

Twenty years is a long time to wait for a cure.

I hate you, diabetes; more. than. anything. even onions


caramaena said...

Frustrating... *hugs*

Wingman said...

I wish the sites stayed in better too! I love the unexpected highs from there.

To answer your question - yes I'm still in the "honeymoon" period; I'll have a nice post about it on Monday.

Hang in there!

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

I don't use a pump but if I did I think I would go insane. I hate how I feel when I have a BandAid attached to my body. Having a medical device taped to me body for days at a time...no not me.

Jonah said...

Some allergies go away after prolonged absence of the allergent.
Can you try Levemir and have the pump around so that when you're sick of one you can use the other?

Anonymous said...

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