Wednesday, August 30, 2006

nineteen years ago today

Nineteen years ago today, I was discharged from the hospital--a five year old child, being brought home after a week spent in the hospital by parents overwhelmed with the prospect of caring for their youngest child, their daughter--a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic.


I called the hospital today because I've always been curious about my exact date of diagnosis. Strange--the immediate info that I can receive without the hospital having to dig medical records out of storage is that I was hospitalized from Aug. 22-Aug. 30, 1987. This puts my date of diagnosis at August 22nd, 1987. So, Happy Belated Anniversary to me.

I plan on expanding on my nineteen years with a follow-up post. But I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I spoke with the hospital, I retold my diagnosis story for the first time to a friend of 10+ years and for the first time, I asked my mom about it.


Allison said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! And congrats on 19 years! Hope you have another strong and healthy 19, plus many many more!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy belated anniversary!

I wish I could get my hands on my exact diagnosis date too. I think that it becomes an important date to acknowledge as we successfully live with diabetes for so many years down the road.

art-sweet said...

Congratulations on 19 healthy years!

I know my exact diagnosis/ hospitalization date b/c I went into the hospital on New Year's Day. We knew I was being admitted the night before, so my family drank sugar free ginger ale and waited for our lives to change completely.

I've never really liked New Year's Day ever since.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

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Minnesota Nice said...

I don't remember my exact date, except it was in March of '74 and I watched the Oscar Awards on tv with some other patients in the lounge.
It feels weird to look back that far, but I'm also immensely pleased that I'm still here, in pretty good shape.
Best wishes for continued success.