Friday, September 08, 2006

Perpetual Lows & other annoyances

what's a blood sugar above 70 feel like?

I haven't had one since lunch today. Some people overtreat, some people don't treat (As I've learned reading some of the blogs around here). I don't do either, but then I don't account for why I went low in the first place and I go low again.

Reason for the lows today--adrenaline. I know, it's supposed to raise your blood sugars, but I think when I get going and I need to get stuff done for work, so my blood's pumping and I'm rushing around (around being within the confines of my office, so there really isn't any exercise involved)--my blood sugar drops. I had three juices at work today between 2pm and 4:30pm (Not a record for me unfortunately). I've now had 3 lows since leaving work (or was it four) and it's only 9:40pm. I have a lot more to get done tonight and an early morning ahead of me. If I drop to a temp rate, I'll have a high and find myself unable to sleep. Ah, the things people with fully functioning pancreases (pancreai?) take for granted. I can't even pack for a camping trip without a low! oy.

However, if I weren't low right now, I certainly wouldn't have the time to sit here and write this.

Other low blood sugar pet peeves:

* A low blood sugar before a meal.
Experienced today before dinner. Glucose tablets are not considered appetizers and they do not enhance the taste of pasta.
* Pre-driving lows
Managed to finish my errands before the lows started today (whew). But there's nothing like getting all you stuff together to run out the door and feeling the beginnings of a low. Testing confirms a low and one must drop what they're doing, treat and wait. yay.
* The rare "I'm not hungry" lows.
Currently experiencing. I'm not hungry. I don't want a protein snack to help me through the remainder of my evening. Heck, I don't even want juice. Does any one else NOT like juice? Years without juice have made me associate juice with low blood sugars--juice is not an option, it's an obligation. (I drank the juice--new (or just new to me?) strawberry banana Juicy Juice--just meh, give me fruit punch anyday over this (if I have to I might as well be picky!))

I'll stop there. I'm going to go and be responsible and open a few cabinets and see if a snack doesn't "wow" me into eating.

What are other people's low blood sugar pet peeves (besides the obvious pet peeve of low blood sugars themselves)?


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Mel,

Yeah - all the things you mentioned are on my list too.

And they (the lows) NEVER happen unless you're right in the middle of something, or about to begin doing something.

Along with the low itself, I'm often very exhausted after I've treated the low. As in I could really just use a nap.

I also seem to over treat every single low. It's as if I can't control the urges to eat everything in sight.

Those really stink when I have been "good" all day, as in not eating too much, then experience a low as I'm going to bed - get up and destroy the kitchen, hoovering everything I can see with reckless abandon.

Yeah, I don't much like lows either.

art-sweet said...

Glucose tablets are not an appetizer. Yes, yes, yes.

I hate that one.

MileMasterSarah said...

I had a low today that I "discovered" at 38.....Not good...I retested, 25. Doubly triply not good. So, instead of reaching for some gluco tabs/milk/my entire fridge I test AGAIN, 38. Im finally convinced that I could probably use something to eat and wander around my apartment probably barking at my kids before I make it to my bedside table where lie my glucose tabs. After six tabs I navigate slowly to the kitchen to devour have a raw pie crust......I hate lows

MileMasterSarah said...

oops, HALF a raw pie crust, right now Im dealing with mid 200 sugars, courtesy of that nasty low....another thing i hate about lows, rebound HIGHS