Friday, September 15, 2006

things that make you go hmmmm.

If you ask any diabetic they'll tell you that many times/most times there's no real reason behind the disease. I had a couple of those moments this week that confirm this.

1. Tuesday am. Wake up, blood sugar 212 (am readings are not cooperating lately!) Correction, shower, etc. Hour later, pick up my diet pepsi and donut from D & D. Ordered a jelly stick (I wanted a plain stick but apparently they're not popular anymore, so I can't get them.) Anywho, smaller than normal donut made me wonder, but I figured, it's probably for the best. Less carbs, fewer calories, etc. Eat donut. Ten am ish, test, 180ish. Meh, think nothing of it, correction bolus. Lunch. Normal blood sugar, food, bolus, etc. All normal. Afternoon, filling in my nifty little excel document courtesy of Kevin (yay, thanks!). Flipping through the pump. No morning bolus for the donut. No crazy high blood sugar symptoms. As a matter of fact, 180 didn't even register any sort of alarm for me. It was as if I just misbolused. I was perplexed. Honestly, it makes me wonder if my corrections/night time basals are off or something.

2. Last night. Bedtime (early) 9:30pm. Regular blood sugar. Wake up at midnight. 75. Not dealing with any sort of lows and also not getting out of bed. Eat three glucose tabs and go back to sleep. 7am blood sugar 264. Can't make any sense out of that one. I had no signs of a low, but I guess it's possible my body dumped some sugar. I wouldn't have had anything but basal insulin in me.

I have no idea. These are the times I say, whatever. I'm not sure I could've done anything better. In situation number one I later weighed the options: a 180 bs or a low at 9am. I think I would have found the low more frustrating.

Last post I mentioned pet peeves about lows. That weekend I encountered another one, that I'm not sure I've encountered before.

Forgetting to treat a low. I felt low, tested, was low and saw something that needed to be done (I was camping). Started to do it and thought, I feel low, I should test. Thankfully, I'm not so forgetful that I actually tested again, but instead I finally went to pour some juice. I would take a sip then put the juice down and see what needed to be done again and go do it. Then realize I've lost my juice and I'm still low!

I found this one a little odd. :)


Bernard said...

I hate realizing I'm low when I'm the middle of a meeting at work. Cause if it strikes me just right, I don't have the ability to say "I need to go test my blood sugar because it's low".

So I finish the meeting without a full grasp of what happened. Then my low is even lower, and takes long to recover from. Blah!

Scott K. Johnson said...

How weird for your #1!! That's usually when you test 386 mg/dl and then realize you forgot to bolus! Hell, I would have been mighty satisfied with a 180 even AFTER bolusing!!

Being stuck in a low, as you & Bernard described, are very scary to me!

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

i weird diabetes thing that happened to me was my sugar was 80mg/dl i eat like 3 slices of pizza and forget to bolus! ahh hate when that happens.

4 hours later I realize this and freak thinking i'll have ketones etc... but my meter said 77 mg/dl, I tested again on another finger after washing my hands again and was 80mg d/l so weird.

My basals were fine too.

Diabetes is strange sometimes, or maybe it's our body?

Vic x

Kerri. said...

I've experienced that same thing that Vicki is talking about - eat, forget to bolus, panic, test, ring in at a normal number, start predicting when the 400 mg/dl will hit, it never does ... Hmmm, indeed.

And lows during meetings suck enormously. I've only experienced it once or twice, but it was definitely a crummy experience.