Tuesday, September 26, 2006

weddings, pumps, & billboards.

I'm a lazy blogger. I think of things, but they don't make it to the computer with me.

But I am here--I want to sleep, but going to bed just after 9pm most nights is not really who I am. I am not sure why for the past 3 weeks I have been like this. Boredom? Lack of motivation? Lack of exercise--although nothing has changed here.

This weekend I drove to a wedding with a friend--19 hrs in the car and 4 at the wedding=the LONGEST 23 hr period of my life. It was just long. long time to be in a car. Very impractical way, but yet we saved money by not staying some where.

However, upon arriving at the wedding 15 minutes "early," we realize that no one else is just arriving. A short discussion had preceded our arriving in which the possibility that the wedding was at a different time was discussed. However, this being true was not an option in my mind--not after 9 hours in the car! We were 15 minutes late for the wedding and missed all but the kiss at the end (shortest wedding ever). The reception was great though.

When we arrived and found it odd that we were the only ones and it occurred to us that the wedding had already started, we simply moved as quickly as possible to get to the ceremony. This means that I did not have time to fish for my pump clip in my bag and secure said pump. So, I wasn't thrilled, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where I had to put it--in my bra. I've used this method for volleyball before, no big deal.

The problem came during the meal. I realized I was with one person who knew about my pump and only that person and the groom even had any idea I was a diabetic and well, since the wedding wasn't about me, I'm sure news hadn't travelled ;) I debated hiding behind the flaps of the tent to bolus or going to the car to get the clip, but my friend assured me that there was nothing to be worried about--really who cared, you don't know anyone. Well it's true, I knew very few people and was prepared to ask questions. What I wasn't prepared for provided me with the most entertainment of the whole trip: a woman 3 tables away was watching (scratch that, she was staring) as I pulled my pump out and bolused and then got it back in place. I pointed it out to my friend and he assured me no one was looking until he looked up at her and nearly burst out laughing at how badly she was gawking. It was great. I was asked no questions and apparently confused her or at least entertained her? or something.

I'm thankful I wasn't more sensitive about the whole thing.

however, I do really, really like pockets :) (and jeans--I love jeans!)

Best billboard seen on the trip: "Jesus is coming as lightening" Having had only 3.5 hrs of sleep and being awake for 14 hours already at this point, I envisioned a Jesus-shaped lightening bolt :) (although I did know what they meant :) )

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