Monday, October 30, 2006

"Seasonal Adjustment Issue"

I'm tired.

Seems so much has been going on and no matter how much sleep I get or what I do, I'm tired. Mornings have always been rough, but now I handle them even worse. At night anything past 10 and I want to be sleeping! The house is a MESS--understatement. October just seems so busy every year. Thankfully it's almost November! I think things are due to slow down, but am I going to feel better? I try and think of what is causing the lack of motivation, black circles under my eyes, generally disconnected look about me, my shortness with people at work, my depleted energy levels. Really it's sad and I think about how every year around November I get sick and it just stays with me. Then finally I end up with antibiotics and a mono test. This year it has hit me that maybe I have a bit of a "seasonal adjustment issue." I hesitate big time to use the word "depression" because I think it would be doing an injustice to those who do actually suffer from depression. So, I think it's more a bad time of year for me. I make major efforts to be productive, but my heart isn't in it at all. The Patriots play in just 1 hour and I want to go to bed now (8pm!) I am trying to convince myself that I love football and I couldn't stand to miss the game... or could I?

So... does anyone else struggle with a "seasonal adjustment issue?" If so, any remedies?

I'm thinking a short walk after work might give me some energy and help me to sleep better at night, perhaps making mornings more bearable. I think making diet changes will help also.

Now if I could only get the sun to stay out longer! (That would certainly help!)

In other news, my blood sugars are back to normal for the most part. No more CRAZY highs in the ams. I've switched endocrinologists and I think it will be a very good change for me. I've managed to stay on top and satisfied with my diabetes management for almost 2 years now, but I'm looking to dig a little deeper. I also hesitate to give myself A1C goals, so lower numbers are good enough for me, until I reach a point where I just don't feel like lower is better. Vague. But I like it that way, it makes failure less likely to start off without a goal--oh man, I sound like I'm still a college student!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween tomorrow. As a child for Halloween I would receive apples from my neighbor and give all my candy to my brother, but I'd always get a toy! When I got older, my father would bring me to the roller skating rink nearby and I would run into friends and speed around the rink. Up until just last November I still insisted that roller skates and not rollerblades were the way to go. Last November I changed my mind! That's just a random fact-not terribly important. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on not setting A1c goals. I NEVER meet them when I EXPECT to meet them, and it causes a lot of heartache!