Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I think I could cry...

There are certainly bigger things going on in the world to worry about and be saddened by.

But this story crushes a childhood dream. Unless I can get myself to California to spin the big wheel before he retires (unlikely). As a child I spent a LOT of time with my grandmother. She taught me to play cards. I would sit by the tv in the living room and watch Mister Roger's and Seasame Street at the age of four while playing solitaire. It was great. But, my grandmother LOVED divorce court and family court and they came on at 11am, so I would trek across the driveway to my great aunt and great uncle's house to watch The Price is Right. My least favorite part of the show was when the contestants would spin the wheel, but at the same time I dreamed of spinning it myself and playing *plinko* A favorite movie of mine is Happy Gilmore and I think the best part is that Bob Barker has a cameo--The Price is Wrong... What a great sense of humor he must have. And that brings me to my favorite quote from the article:

He [Bob Barker] said he'd take on a movie role if the right one came along, but filmmakers, take note: "I refuse to do nude scenes. These Hollywood producers want to capitalize on my obvious sexuality, but I don't want to be just another beautiful body."

And to be true to Bob, I must remind you: "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." (I loved the safe game, because I knew there'd always be puppies shown and the reminder given!)

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