Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Does anyone else ever have trouble with the security codes to ensure you're not a spam comment on blogger?

I don't blame blogger; Not at all. It's all me. For some reason I cannot read the things right and type the right letters into the box.

Confession: It once took me three tries.

Please tell me this has happened to you? It doesn't need to be frequent (I have trouble probably once every half dozen comments).

Oh and for the record, I blame the fancy fonts they use.


art-sweet said...

oh hell yeah.

And congrats on the AIC!

Anonymous said...


Sometimes the j's look like i's and the u's look like v's! Drives me crazy!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah - me too!

I often times just submit the damn thing wrong so it will refresh and be something different (and hopefully easier to read!)!

Bernard said...

Of course it's hard.

That's to discourage you blog spammers. :-)

Yet another thing made a LOT harder because of spamming.

If you haven't already noticed there's a huge uptick in e-mail spam at present. It's shocking.

As for blog spam, I've seen friends blogs destroyed due to constant spam for all sorts of nasty stuff.

So I guess it's a good thing, in a way.

Excuse me now while I try to decode the characters below.

Let me see:

asfdoog, no
asmydog, no
surfdog, dang I can't get it right!

Anonymous said...

Well, not usually, but I've definitely had tons of problems they caused - images not loading, saying I typed the wrong thing when I didn't and erasing my comment. As if it weren't hard enough already. I think I don't have the same problem mainly because I hate having my comment erased, so it makes me pay really close attention and check it a lot before submitting.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

great a1c! yeah it takes me a long time sometimes. it's annoying.

yeah my step dad needs to be checked, last time they said he was ok!

mel said...

Lili: This is why I ALWAYS copy my comments before attempting anything, but most especially before attempting to enter the code!

Bernard said...

I'm with Mel. I always copy my comments before I start to preview or anything because I've lost a few.

Kind of lousy software when you think about it, that you need to do this.

Case in point, I had to enter the passphrase twice to post this quick note.