Friday, November 17, 2006

Feeling Pressured

I'm feeling very pressured as of late to change over to beta blogger, but I'm standing my ground! I haven't heard any nice things about it yet, so until they make me move, I'm happy where I am! However, they're (google) trying very hard! Anyone have any positives to share?

I know my blog doesn't have a very large readership (although since installing the sitemeter thinger, I'm surprised to see the amount of visitors that I have), but two people or three have expressed interest in losing weight and the idea that perhaps the OC could pull together and encourage each other. Any ideas on how this can be done? I had a friend lose some weight doing a "biggest loser" type "game" at her work--she also won some money. I am vague on all the details, but if you gained weight you had to put money in the pot and you weighed in each week. Not so sure that would work over the internet and money isn't something I'm dying to give away! BUT perhaps we could find something else to motivate us?

If you're interested and didn't leave a comment, let's talk about this. And Scott, you're not allowed to come up with excuses to not join! If you were, then I don't think any of us would be participating (that might be the root of the problem!)

We might need a bigger forum than my blog for this idea, but if a few people are sincerely interested, then let's get the ball rolling and encourage others to join us!

Have a happy Saturday! I'm off to CT to spend some time with the extended family and meet my new cousin for the first time!


Anonymous said...

The ONLY negative I've found about switching to Blogger beta is that I had to redo my template. That wasn't so bad in the end, though. I don't really have anything bad to say about it otherwise.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing bad to say about the new beta. I have not had any problems and please COUNT me in on an OC Weight Loss Challenge! I need to drop some LBS's!

Keith said...

I can testify to the encouragement of the OC. Last Feb johnboy over at Infusion of Thought inspired me to begin exercising daily (something that's always been hit or miss with me) and I'm still going... almost 300 days later.

If you can find a group that will support one another, I know you'll be a success. You might have to take the lead on this, but I know that a bunch of people would follow. You can do it!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I've not switched over to Beta yet either. I'm like you, thinking that it's not broke, why fix it?

I'm also worried that by switching, something will break that I totally don't have time to mess with. You guys are too important to me to break my blog!

Ok. Count me in on the weight loss thing. Peer pressure for sure. Just don't go jumping off bridges or anything like that.

Can we start after the holidays though? I don't think I'm wanting to get tough right before thanksgiving and x-mas and all that. Or - am I making excuses again?

Hannah said...

I will join the OC Weight Loss challenge if such a thing becomes a reality. I'm trying to get my lazy butt in gear before the holidays so I can be motivated to still do the same thing afterward.

Challenges are great blog fodder, and Lord knows I need an excuse to write more often.

Oh, and I'm a bit afraid of Beta as well. It's still Beta for a reason, right? Or we'd just be forced to change over, I think.