Friday, November 17, 2006

Just the other day I came across a new blog, AtomicTumor. I have no idea how, but I started reading the archives and sat at my computer simply amazed and hurting for this family. Just after Halloween a young mother of two boys, 4th grade and 4 years old, became very ill. Her husband dedicated their blog as a vigil and place to update about his wife's condition. His love for her throughout the past 17 days has inspired many people and has broken many hearts today. BJ/GAC (as she is referred to on the blog) was pronounced brain dead this morning and has passed away. The internet is an amazing thing. As the diabetes community we've offered each other support and created a bond. This man has touched many people through his love for his wife. I encourage you to read some of his posts, leave a message for his family, and say a prayer. 29 years old is too young to be taken by such a mysterious illness. A nine year old boy should not lose his mother just days before his birthday and no four year old can fully grasp what he will be faced with.

The statement from the blog:
"GAC, my 29 year old wife, the mother of two young children, and a frequent writer here is in dire condition. The root cause is unknown, but she is in critical condition at an ICU here in Oak Ridge, TN.
While this is happening, I'm hijacking what is normally a once a day, write whatever kind of blog and turning it into a journal and a vigil for her.
This began on October 30, became serious on November 2nd, and became critical on November 3rd. Feel free to catch up in the archives.

BJ passed away today, November 17. Her family had a chance to say good bye, and it was a peaceful death. I will continue writing about my experiences, because it is therapeutic, and because maybe it will help you."

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