Monday, November 20, 2006

Ignorant much?

Regarding Adam Morrison. Written after Gonzaga was knocked out of the tourny this past spring.

"Frankly, I have grave doubts that Morrison is going to be a top NBA player. He's thin, doesn't guard anyone, and needs the ball all the time. Besides, he is diabetic, which is more serious than many seem to realize."

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I read this quote today. A lot of things that we hear and read about diabetes makes us angry or disappointed. This short excerpt was no different for me. I emailed the author. I'm not sure if I overreacted or if how I read it, was how it was stated.

To me it sounds flippant. As if the first three reasons he gave were not enough and even if they aren't enough it wouldn't matter, because besides all this, he's a diabetic; and it's serious, folks. UGH.

In my email I pointed out to him the professional athletes currently competing. I only emailed because I think people need to hear it more. They need to realize that we're not going to die tomorrow although we could.

All I ask is that people take diabetes seriously (stop comparing my insulin to your anti-depressants or the research that goes into my diabetes to the lack of research for your condition (non-life threatening)). But while you're recognizing our danger, our challenges, our adversity, please do not limit us. We don't limit ourselves, so anything you say will only further motivate me!


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Kevin said...

Statements like that are indeed ridiculous. Bobby Clark, one of the all-time best ice hockey players was my hero when I was a kid. He lead the Philadelphia Flyers (aka "The Broad Street Bullies") to back-to-back Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975. And he was diabetic.