Tuesday, November 21, 2006

half baked? & weight loss stuff!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this hear before or just thought about mentioning it, but I get a very distinct feeling that God is trying to tell me something. And specifically that I need to eat at home and never, ever eat at restaurants.

Why you ask?

Because most times I visit a restaurant something is screwed up. My picky eating habits used to get blamed for this, but really I've noticed that it's not my eating habits, it's just me.

Tonight's round:

A small local inn restaurant. Menu item: "fish and chips"

My order: "Fish and chips with a baked potato instead of french fries please" (You know an attempt to be healthy!) Oh and I ordered a small cup of clam chowder.

There was nothing wrong with the chowder except that it didn't taste very good. I ate very little of it-the waitress (waitress, didn't we have a waiter?) didn't even ask about it. I wonder if people there normally only put a quarter inch dent into their chowder.

The meal arrives and the tartar sauce is obviously "different." Some would say I'm just being picky, but please, please, if you ever write a menu warn me when something is completely out of the ordinary, such as your use of sweet red relish instead of normal good ol' relish. Yuck!

Entirely more disturbing would be the baked potato; It was half-baked, maybe? Hard. yup. So I ordered french fries to replace the not cooked potato. A few minutes after my father finished eating his meal, my french fries arrived (yup, that long). So, all attempts at being healthy were thrown out the window, the fish just wasn't good without the proper tartar sauce, and we got to pay full price for all our items. Good thing, because a discount might have been too generous.

I just don't get it. Maybe my standards are too high? Perhaps I should just eat hard "baked" potatoes. Maybe I should just order french fries when eating out, just fries, who can screw up fries!?

What a waste of time.

I feel like two days of ranting might come across the wrong way, but too bad :)


In other news, the whole baked potato ordering was the new attempt at being healthy in this push for weight loss that I've been tossing around the past couple of weeks. I'm brainstorming ideas for us all. I know some concern about starting pre-holidays has come up and I think we should all gear ourselves up for what's to come. Start making some small changes even though it is the holidays. I've started bringing lunch to work. Just a small step. Maybe it's something different like ordering healthier sides at a restaurant (just make sure the restaurant doesn't suck--I'm not bitter; Have I told you all how much I LOVE baked potatoes; once again, not bitter). Or parking the car way the heck out in the middle of the mall parking lot with the employees just to get some extra steps in.

I'm sure there are other ways to work some healthy-ness into our everyday lives. Any suggestions!?

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Hannah said...

I've been trying to introduce more variety into my diet. I used to eat a lot of fruits, and lots of fresh veggies like cucumbers and carrots.

There hasn't been an abundance of those in our apartment for months because I was either buying too little and my husband and roommate ate it all before I could get to it, or I'd buy too much and it would go bad.

I'm thinking next week I'm going to try and work in some more fruits, maybe something with more fiber too? We'll see.

But tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and my uncle's cornbread stuffing is too heavenly for me to avoid. Healthier eating will commence NEXT week, for sure.