Friday, November 03, 2006

Last minute!

I'm a procrastinator!

Technically I have over an hour before today is over and tomorrow begins, but I still feel like it's late to be doing this :) However, I feel no pressure and am not stressed--I'd be worried if I were.

I searched around the internet a bit today for a Diabetes Ribbon image that I didn't think looked dull. This was in response to Penny's Post about the lack of Diabetes Awareness marketing ploys, essentially. I have to wonder if on top of all the reasons Penny brings up, if part of the issues isn't that our ribbons are dull and boring. Gray is kind of a blah color. Pink is vibrant. Red is bold. Yellow is hopeful. Gray is dreary. I think the idea works well on Red Ribbons. However, it does make me focus on the blood part of diabetes--and that I should check my blood sugar!

I think, Penny, that a good way to raise awareness is to work together. I remember a kid at camp in Jr. High wearing a blue ribbon on his hat. It was very tattered; as was the hat. Finally I asked him what it was for. He responded that his sister had died in a car accident and it was to honor her.
If those of us who take the issue of Type 1 diabetes to heart wear our ribbons (we should probably stick with one color, even if it is the dull gray), people will begin to ask about the significance. Perhaps it's a small movement, but I think it could grow and I don't think we should be satisfied with any excuses. Diabetes needs to be an issue. One in three kids born in this generation will become diabetic at some point in their life. Our nation can not afford to ignore this issue anymore!

Once I find an acceptable ribbon (in my opinion), I'll add it to my site.

Thanks Penny for challenging us to rethink how we approach Diabetes Awareness!

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Penny said...

Yes, gray is a very boring color. I did find a red diabetes ribbon, but, like you, it made me think of blood.