Friday, November 03, 2006

A new look!

You know what's great?! Going to bed at 102 and waking up at 106. I like knowing that my basals work. I was slightly uncomfortable with the 102, but then I remembered that I haven't had a nighttime low in a month or so. (And I always wake up. Lows actually keep me from falling asleep and wake me up. Now, at 4 am, if I decided not to treat, I could easily fall back asleep, but thankfully I haven't done this)


Late last night I manually changed the blogger template a bit using my old html skills from high school/college and some educated guessing. It took some time to find what I wanted, because I never way completely proficient in html or java, but I took my courses, so I understand tags and why things are set up the way they were.

The banner I made using gimp 2.2, which is a great, free alternative to photoshop; for those of us who do not make a living doing this nor do we spend a lot of time chopping. I'm slowly (very very slowly) learning how to use the features. Scale came in very important for the banner, since my first attempt was wider than the rest of the page--oops.

The images used are my own; taken this summer while camping.


Kerri. said...

Your banner looks awesome! I've been dabbling in Photoshop myself and I'm complete crap at it - it amazes me when I see people actually make it work. :)

Nice new look here!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I like the look too! Way to go!

Very nice waking up so close to where you went to bed at - that rocks!