Monday, December 11, 2006

I've been short on time lately. So this is a very quick post to bring to your attention, alana-mireille apparel.

Alana-Mireille was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2 years ago this past week. Even more recently, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. Alana is an adorable little girl, whose parents were not satisfied with the restrictions placed on her wardrobe by her pump! Motivated by their desire to see Alana comfortably wearing her favorite dresses again, they designed a special pocket and have launched their own clothing line. Right now they only have the dresses, a shirt, and two accessories on the site, but I've been told that a line of cargo pants will be available after the new year and they will continue to add to their line.

What's so special about their pocket, you ask?
From the website: "There are insulin pump pockets on both sides of the dress. Each pocket can be accessed either underneath the dress or the side pocket. You use the side pocket to pull out the insulin pump to deliver the insulin and you use the underneath pocket to hold the pump and the tubing. Therefore the pump isn't going to come out while jumping and playing and the tubing is concealed so it won't snag."

Another great aspect of their products is that they are donation portions of their profits will go to JDRF and the Diabetes Association Inc. in Fall River, MA (not the ADA). The Diabetes Association Inc. offers a camp for children with diabetes as well as support groups and also works towards prevention of diabetes in the community.

So, head on over to and spread the word. Just because they have specialty pockets doesn't mean a child without diabetes wouldn't enjoy one of these adorable dresses! And if you have a boy, be patient, the cargo pants are coming!


George said...

That is fantastic!

I love that they did something about the situation to make it better! The whole lemonade from lemons thing.

So inspiring!

MileMasterSarah said...

Awesome! I have a peanut just the right size for these!