Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why are all the amazing foods and beverages so stinkin' bad for us?
and if you're in New England, don't settle for any other brand. Hood is well worth the price! This is a huge symbol of Christmas for me. When I was little my mom and I used to make our own, but it was never THIS good.

The holidays certainly do throw a wrench in all efforts to become more healthy. I'm coming to grips with this. I consider myself in the planning stages of action. I'll get there, but it's just not my moment yet.


Today, I was lazy (this laziness thing has something to do with our previous topic). Had I bolused for breakfast I would have been completely out of insulin (including the 11 units they don't tell you about). Not feeling like changing my site at my desk, I injected. I did the same for lunch and changed my set when I got home from work. I loathed injections before my pump. They were the cause of the majority of my diabetes angst! Now, I opt for injections over site changes. All things in perspective, I suppose.


MileMasterSarah said...

I generally have 20 - 30 units left when I do a site change. I don't mind them at all, i enjoy them. They mean better sugars, generally. and i love homemade eggnog! mmmm!

Scott said...

I worry less about the holiday season lazy streak because I tell myself "everyone is relaxing a bit".

True? Probably not - but it makes me feel better anyway.

I totally feel you on the site change thing. Sometimes it's just not the right time! Better to take a couple injections than to skip the bolus altogether.

Kevin said...

You can feel good, feel good, good about hood!!!!