Friday, February 16, 2007

Random Fun

You Are 52% Massachusetts
You're likely a Massachusetts transplant. Big rotaries still scare you, and you probably live outside of 495.

This made me laugh, since I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life. Well, minus the 9 months in West Warwick, RI, but really, where I grew up in Mass, it's not really all that different. I guess even though I went to school just a half hour north of Boston, I lost my accent and maybe this affected other things? I'm just not as Boston as I should be, sigh.

In other news, I saw the most confusing car and liscense plate the other day. It was a ford expedition with a vanity plate that read: "EARTHY." Yeah, I don't get it either. If you don't understand, here is a photo of the vehicle and the definition of "earthy" according to the Urban Dictionary:
earthy: "Someone way into protecting the environment, eating granola, free range chicken and living in a co-op. Basically a hippie without the dreadlocks, pot smoking and Bob Marley crap
My earthy sister lit some insense as she filled out her application to the Yale school of forestry"


Bernard said...

The hyperlink for the How Massachusetts test doesn't work.

Can u fix it? As a transplant from Ireland, I'm interested in seeing the results.

Julia said...

Wicked pissah, I'm 98% from Massachusetts. I need to get down to Dunkin's and get a reglah.

Johnny Damon. Damned traitor.