Thursday, June 07, 2007

A little help, please...

Well, on the diabetes front things are up, down, up, down and I'm annoyed. Nuff said.

I'm looking for a little advice from you all about two upcoming trips. The first trip is a weekend camping trip in NH. I've camped before with my pump, so I'm sure that will be fine (although the last camping trip site change was very unsucessful and therefore unpleasant). The foreseeable problem will come with the 12 miles of kayaking that we will be doing on Saturday. Any thoughts? Double ziploc bag the pump and only attach to bolus and cover with some basal insulin? Forget about the pump for a few hours and rely solely on novolog shots every two hours? Waterproof the pump?

I've kayaked a couple of times before, without the pump, and I've never tipped or unexpectedly gotten wet--BUT if it were to happen, I'm sure it would happen with the pump entirely unprotected.

That's my first trip.

My second trip is to England, for a very good friend's wedding. I will be there 10 days, mostly in London. Anything that I NEED to see in London or close enough by to get there easily and cheaply. This is my first time travelling out of the country with my pump--any additional advice? How do people feel about getting the back up pump? Any one from England know the going price for supplies if I need to purchase them at a local drug store--syringes, insulin (I almost typed lancets, but really, I'm not kidding anyone :) )



Shannon said...

First, if you need any rescuing while you're in NH, call me! It's where I live :)

If I were planning a trip like the camping one if Brendon were involved, I'd play it safe and disconnect and place the pump in a plastic bag and dose him as needed by reattaching him for a dose every couple of hours whether he eats or not. His pump is waterproof, but I'd hate to chance water getting through an unseen crack.

I wish I could give you advice about your stay in England :(

Bernard said...


I'd go with the bags. I may still have a waterproof case for an old Minimed pump if you want to try that out. I think I bought it 8+ years ago in case I wanted to swim with the pump on.

If you're kayaking you may not need a basal, so connecting to bolus would probably be enough.

I haven't been in London for over 10 years. For travelling I put all my diabetes supplies in a Ziploc bag and declare them to security. The pump should go through without any problems. I doubt you'll need a backup.

I think you should bring supplies cause you probably need prescriptions for syringes or insulin. Might be hard to get in an emergency.

Make sure you get to a show in London there are generally lots to choose from. Lucky you!

kitter said...

I dont have any advice Mel (sorry!!) but good luck, have a great time :)

Oh, and in response to your question on my blog, that'd be lovely :)