Friday, June 08, 2007

a confession and a question

Confession: I rarely log my blood sugars anymore... oops.

Question: Does anyone else find that when they don't log a blood sugar and it's in range, they almost immediately forget the number?! If I've forgotten what I am, I just assume I was fine, and THEN I remember the number.

This happens a lot to me. sheesh girl, get it together!!

Maybe this is another thing that I shouldn't admit--like the security code issue.

Remember to vote for the MLB All-Star game. It might be cheap for me to ask, but just vote, and vote for anyone but the Yankess. Personally, I voted all Red Sox, except the outfield--I voted for Crisp, but not for Drew or Manny--heck, Manny's not gonna show up anyways, so why bother! And other than tonight Drew's been kind of lame (I no sooner hit "vote" than he hit a homerun--ooops :)) Oh and I wrote in Youk for third. :) I LOVE my red sox!!!!


Jillian said...

Thanks for the comment, and it's fine if you add a link to my page.

Major Bedhead said...

I haven't been logging O's blood sugars recently and I need to. I think she's running a bit high, but of course, if I'm not logging, duh.... I need to get back on the wagon with that.

Going to go vote a straight Red Sox ticket. :D