Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Diabetes Made Visible

I won something!!!!

In other news, I posted my first two photos to the Diabetes Made Visible pool on Flickr. Here are the links... check them out, I added lots of notes.

For those who don't have Flickr, the first photo is of my pink bag, which houses my meter and various other things (more detail on Flickr, sorry) and the second is a close up of the quarter located at the bottom left of the first photo. On the quarter is a smudge of blood. For anyone nerdy enough to care, it's a Colorado quarter :)

For anyone paying attwho is curious, I'm no longer "sick," but still cough on occasion. hmmph. If it progresses, I'll see a doctor for another opinion!

That's all for now, it's way late for me to still be up (I know, it's not even 11pm but I've been really busy!)


Scott said...

The contents of your pink bag look a lot like the contents of my black messenger bag, which people routinely ask me if its a purse. Not having the energy or patients to answer them, I usually just say "yes" and move on!

Anonymous said...

I have never loved a meter so much as I love my One Touch UltraSmart! I originally got it because Gary Hall Jr. uses it and I almost can't remember life without it. :)

Bernard said...

Congrats Mel

And welcome to the Flickr pool.

I recently got the cable and SW for the UltraSmart. Calling the LifeScan rep - whose name I got from my endo - produced quick results.

Also, I cracked the password on the Access database that holds the data. Let me know if you want it.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Mel! Congratulations! Way to go on the OCNMC!! Rock on!

Glad you shared your pictures on the pool. I think it adds another dimension to things.

cassandra said...

familiar and funny. i guess we all have random bloody objects in our tote bag.